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@AllRiseSilver 대기실에 컴퓨터까지 직접 가져와서 콘서트 작업에 열을 올리고 있는 신동이형이 바로 갑중에 갑 http://instagram.com/p/s4HIgtCb9h/

[trans] Shindong-ee hyung, who brought the computer to the waiting room himself, and is working hard on the concert is the best of the best

@AllRiseSilver 애송이라고 했어야 되는데 긴장해서 예성이형이라고 실수했네…#MAMACITA4thWIN http://instagram.com/p/s4UEZIib76/

[trans] I was suppose to say `aesong-ee` but because I was tense, I made a mistake and ended up saying Yesung-ee hyung instead…#MAMACITA4thWIN

trans by nksubs

@SMTOWNGLOBAL [#SuperJunior #MAMACITA Music Video Event on Twitter] The gift from EUNHYUK(@AllRiseSilver) :)





How many years before I can vote for this child? 

How much longer?!

We watched one of his videos in my english class last year, my teacher told us he has some sort of illness and is not expected to live  full life, so he makes these videos because he wants to impact the world while he can…


Today we witnessed the passing of a member of one of K-pop’s Rising Girl Groups in a serious car accident - Ladies’ Code EunB

Our condolences to her friends & family.



Ladies’ Code’s accident is a wake up call towards all the Kpop fandom. I’ve read and sometimes see a lot of crazy stuff that people do for their idol, I don’t even know if it’s real or not any more. On the negative side of it, death threats are even common when your idols do ‘mistakes’. But…


Donghae (wearing ripped pants) was talking, Hyukjae keep on use his fingers to poke Donghae’s skin/flesh from those holes, Donghae keep on blocking Hyukjae with his hands, then Donghae slap Hyukjae, Hyukjae keep on touching, when Donghae talk about Hyukjae, Hyukjae lick his fingers and touch Donghae thighs, Donghae touch that spot and then kiss his own hand, Hyukjae got embarrassed and pat Donghae neck.

[fanaccby: witheunhae,; trans by: eunhaebemine]


carried the shit outta u son


Show Luo

Taiwanese actor, singer

graphite pencil


hahahaha!! Cats!


I want all the cats in the wooooorld.